Beginners Guide to Email AutoResponder Software

Beginners Guide to Email AutoResponder Software

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In the world of Internet Marketing email Auto Responder software is simply a software program which allows you to send out automated emails to existing and potential customers. As an example, remember the last time you visited a website and you were encouraged to sign-up to that website's Newsletter or eZine. Well what happens is this triggers the first part of the Auto Responder. This is the 'Confirmation' message. A few minutes after you signed up you will receive an email asking you to click a link. This is used to 'double-check' that you did in fact sign up to the portugal email list newsletter. Your name will only be added to the website Email database after you click the link in the Confirmation email. This is known in Auto Responder speak as a Double Opt-in.

And once you have confirmed this can then trigger off a whole sequence of emails without any intervention from the person who runs the website. What they do is write up several emails and program these into the Auto-reponder, and they can then program the Auto Responder to send these emails at specific daily intervals. And hence why it is called an 'Auto Responder'.

Of course Auto Responders are used in many different ways, and not just in Internet Marketing.
Besides the basic 'I'm out of the office' message, people can use the email Auto Responder software to thank people for their purchases, tell them about upcoming sales and just about anything a message can send. When a customer fills out a form on your website including their email address, this gives you permission to send them an email newsletter or update on your products and services. It does not give you the right to spam them with lots of updates and requests to purchase items, so make sure you do not cross that line. Perhaps one email newsletter a week would be enough and make sure to have an 'opt-out' section so they do not feel trapped into getting your email, always allow them a way out.
Once someone has made a purchase with your company, from your website, through your affiliate, it's is always nice for them to receive a thank you form you personally, however it's hard to personally thank each customer, so the email Auto Responder software can do this for you. You can program in their name and address, what they purchased and when and send it off as soon as their purchase has been completed, before it's even reached their door step. The message, besides saying thank you for your purchase, can say if there is anything wrong with your product, please feel free to contact me and I will make sure your product is replaced or your money back. It can say anything you want it to say, but people like a money back guarantee, especially from the owner/president of the company.
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Hey guys,

A while back I made a beginners guide to editing photos for someone. I have it here and I thought if anyone wanted a copy I could email it to you.

PM me your email address and I will send it through. But Beware it is a 10MB file so if you want I can transfer via MSN or I can pop it on to a CD for you if you want to send me a stamped, self addressed CD envelope



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